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Future project

one of these days i'm going to have to do a project for  "The Cider House Rules" i adore that book and i have to do something to make it justice


Music Post #1

One day i'm going to do those meme thingies where you have to post the first ten songs that come on your iPod, but for now this will be my version of it.

It's Not Goodbye-Laura Pausini
Friend or Foe-t.A.t.U
Butterfly-Corrine Bailey Rae
Pump it-Blackeye Peas
Where I Belong-Sia *WMA

Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin (Essay)

Might as well start on of my first posts with, dare i say, one of my favorite books? Well, i don't really expect to have a book (especially an assignment from school) to make such an impact on me, but Gawd this book does it. I swear, i was reading this while watching the elections on TV and both were just nail-bitters. Anyways, aside from the fact that i had to write this, it's also one of the few essays that i feel especially proud of, since i loved the book and srcibbled all my notes on the margins, thus, making it useless to return to my teacher since i pretty much screwed it up, but Ha! now it means that its mine :) i have problems, don't i? 


You want to kill him in the name of your lying immoralities. You are the most immoral man I’ve met in my life!Collapse )

First Post

Hey, this is my personal spot to post anything from essays to fanmixes, let's see how this goes.